Sponsor Promotion Kit

Thank You for Being a Crossroads 2024 Sponsor!

Promotion Tips

  • Follow TreviPay and TreviPay Crossroads on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date leading up to the conference
  • Use our official hashtags: #MeetMeAtCrossroads #Crossroads2024
  • Encourage your network to attend the event. Information on agenda, speakers and registration can be found on www.crossroads.trevipay.com  
  • Tag the TreviPay and TreviPay Crossroads LinkedIn account in your posts
  • Download provided graphics and use our social posts 

Sponsor Social Promotion

Sponsor Suggested Posts

  • We’re pleased to be a sponsor of TreviPay Crossroads, October 2-4 in Kansas City. Join us: https://crossroads.trevipay.com/
  • We are proud to be a [Sponsor Level] sponsor of TreviPay Crossroads! https://crossroads.trevipay.com/ #MeetMeAtCrossroads
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  • Join us in Kansas City for TreviPay Crossroads! As a sponsor, we’re ready to connect with you! https://crossroads.trevipay.com/ #MeetMeAtCrossroads
  • This is the year to elevate your B2B program. Join us at TreviPay Crossroads to discuss scaling strategies, leveraging strategic partners and preparing for the future of risk management. Secure your spot now: https://crossroads.trevipay.com/ #MeetMeAtCrossroads #FintechConference #B2BInnovation
  • Join us at Crossroads, a two-day fintech conference in Kansas City to enjoy thoughtfully curated content, connect with industry insiders and learn from case studies featuring top global brands. Get your pass today: https://crossroads.trevipay.com/